Many thanks to Valentina Bianchi for her beautiful photos, taken during the Short Formats Festival in Milan, October 2011.

The video above is the first performance of the Berlin modifications to hardly…well, it’s really just the first 43-minute self-cleaning loop, plus 7 minutes of the next loop. We ended up doing three full loops in total, lasting almost exactly two hours.


berlin 2011.


In a couple weeks we head to Berlin for a residency in Tanz im August‘s, culminating in a performance on 23 August. The goal is to adapt the existing 50-minute performance of this is hardly an invitation into a live installation based on the looping parts of the structure, creating a durational performance that resets and begins again numerous times over the period of a few hours.


trailer 2010.


Click here to watch the trailer in a slightly larger format on YouTube.


This is one of the views from my apartment tonight.

Photo: Mara Tomanek


still life.


Outside the Grand Theatre Groningen.

Photo: Mark Morse


Photo: Floriaan Ganzevoort